Billboard Construction

New Zealand’s major advertising companies, including: JC Decaux – formerly APN Outdoor Ltd, Media5, Billboard Solutions, Go Media and over the years companies such as, EYECORP, RMG, I-site Media, Big Picture Media, all use billboard structures to advertise on. 

Adaptable Signs has constructed all types of Billboards and signage solutions, using many materials, in difficult locations, requiring complex installations and tailor made solutions. We have built signs in wood, plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel, concrete & aluminium.

Adaptable Signs has the designs of virtually every size and shape billboard, from the standard 6m x 3m to 18m x 5m, to custom fabricated free-standing structures 28m x 8m.One of our latest projects under development is a fully integrated aluminium extrusion incorporating structure/holding/tensioning system for outdoor vinyl skin billboards. We believe this product will create the most visually attractive billboards on the market.

All of these structures are supported by a PS.1, PS.3 & PS.4 Producer Statements. Of recent times you will notice some of the sites shown, are being converted into LED screens, as you will notice in our LED sign section.

We see ourselves as a “one stop shop” for signs of all types.

A typical project normally has the following steps:

  • Discussion with a potential interested party, discussing options available both in configuration and what is achievable within the pertinent bylaws. Address issues such as lighting, ongoing access to change skins (cherry pickers, ladders, abseiling) and traffic management requirements.
  • Producing a phot montage with options and pricing. Normally includes the complete package including design and fabrication, reinforcing, traffic management, permits & craneage.
  • Submitting Consent applications to councils for approval.
  • Structural design of the proposed structure.
  • Once approved, fabricate and install.
  • Liaise with skin applicators to commission the site

The Kings Cars Site, in the left hand image, is in Te Rapa, Hamilton. This client has multiple signs on his site, which is in a high traffic area. There were two 3 sided signs built, that needed to be built high and prominent, to capture the traffic in all directions. The large faces are 12m x 3m and the smaller face is 6m x 3m.