Adaptable Signs is proud of its’ track record in this area. There are a number of examples in the section below where interesting and innovative past jobs are described, in addition, two specific examples are worthy of special mention.

Edgelock ® 

Vinyl Banner Retention System featuring Integrated Boarder Framing

Edgelock® is a structural extruded aluminium profile that enables vinyl skin Billboards to be erected without the use of traditional staples or rope lacing.

The use of high quality heavy gauge aluminium sections allows Edgelock® to be a structural framework for both wall-mounted & free standing Billboard structures. The integrated hinged boarder covers all connections creating a smooth “Picture Frame” finish.

The images show a wall mounted structure; The vinyl skin is held in place using a plastic “Tensioner-Strip” which presses the skin into the recess simultaneously locking the skin in place and tensioning for a smooth flat surface. Close the covers and press until they click into place giving a perfect clean image.

Edgelock® is available in standard format 6m x 3m Billboard kit-set. Custom sizes are available – sites as large as 15m x 5m have been successfully installed. A wide range of powder-coat colours are available. We have done a number of installations with Edgelock® as well as retrofits to help with both appearance and to improve installation time.

Contact us with your preference and we will build one to suit.

Proudly manufactured in New Zealand, 100% NZ owned & operated – Edgelock® is a registered Trademark of Adaptable Signs Limited 2005

Curtain Track

An example of our “Curtain Track” Banner is on the Parnell Bridge. The brief from the client was for a 28m x5m high sign that could have it’s banner replaced without closing the road or accessing the busy railway bridge, as it crosses one of the busiest roads in NZ (at the bottom of Parnell Road, Auckland)

Adaptable Signs came up with the design where the banner was pre rolled into a cassette which is then lifted up into position at one end of the structure. It is then connected to a steel chain link that pulls the skin across from one side of the bridge to the other. Once across the sign, the banner is tensioned with horizontal bars (top & bottom) electrically operated tensioners. This makes the banner nice and tight with no creases.

Heavy Duty Sail Track Extrusion

This aluminium Sail Track Extrusion is designed to take a Rope Edge or Keda 10mm DIA to 12mm DIA, used on Banners to secure & tension around signs.

Re-locatable Water Ballast Outdoor Signs (Wetfoot)

This was a concept developed for a customer who wished to move the sign between a number of approved sites. The design is based on a water filled plastic base which can be filled and emptied relatively quickly and when full, ensures the sign can withstand the wind loads. This is ideal when foundation footings are not suitable and does not require a building consent as it is classified as a mobile unit.